5 Necessary Products To Keep Your Sneakers Clean

5 Necessary Products To Keep Your Sneakers Clean

We all love a tidy sneaker closet, but most believe that the best way to show off your kicks is to wear them. This might mean encountering some dirt and grime; however, you can always keep your shoes looking good with the market’s best cleaning products. Here, we tap our good friends at Sole Collector for their expert tips and must-have tools.

Keep Sneakers Fresh

Smell is an aspect of sneaker care that’s too often overlooked. Surprisingly, improving the scent of your shoes is pretty effortless. Slip these Sneaker Pills into them while they’re off your feet for better-smelling kicks.

Use The Right Tools

A good brush is essential to working out dirt and stains. This Jason Markk standard brush has synthetic bristles and a gripped, wooden handle. Use it to scrub midsoles and for all-around cleaning.

Keep Wipes On Hand

Never travel without a set of shoe cleaning wipes. Tackle little spills or use them to take off the day’s grime. These Jason Markk Quick Wipes are dual-textured to remove stubborn stains.

Mind Your Materials

Sneaker cleaners aren’t one-size-fits-all. You have to approach suede and nubuck differently than you would other materials. So don’t use wipes on suede shoes; instead, enlist this nubuck scuff eraser for cleansing and re-buffing.

Go The Extra Mile

There are some different schools of thought when it comes to protecting shoes. Some die-hard collectors prefer to let leather wear naturally. That said, there’s nothing wrong with using an extra layer of protection to extend the life of your kicks. We recommend this Repel spray bottle to do just that. The water- and oil-repellent solution won’t alter the look and feel of your shoes’ material.

Keep you kicks clean with more from our Shoe Care collection.