Complex SHOP Presents Reconstruct: A Curation of Sustainable and Upcycled Goods

Complex SHOP Presents Reconstruct: A Curation of Sustainable and Upcycled Goods

Sustainability in fashion can be a catchy buzzword and aspirational concept, but it’s much more impactful when action is put behind it. For the inaugural, all-digital ComplexLand event (Dec. 7-11), Complex SHOP is using its rapidly-evolving platform to make a positive environmental statement. Our activation, “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” is a thoughtful curation of upcycled products from a handful of progressive brands—both big and small. 

At this point, there’s no denying that climate change is very much real. And yet, the fashion industry continues to play a big role in carbon emissions. Brands produce an unprecedented number of garments every year, while only less than 1% of the world’s textile waste is recycled into new garments. Not to mention, for example, that it can take up to 200 years for an item of clothing to decompose in a landfill. But we can make an impact with the decisions we make. Rethinking how we see worn or used garments and being more mindful of how we shop, for example, is a great start. 

For “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” we’ve worked with five brands—Levi’s® SecondHand Reworked by Makayla Wray, Yaito, Mentor en Route, Suicoke x Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ, and The North Face Renewed—on completely upcycled items. Each brand designed pieces, like Yaito’s signature knot bag or The North Face’s Nuptse jacket, using only existing products and materials. Reduce. Reuse. Reconstruct. 


The exclusive, limited products will be available at ComplexLand, with each brand owning one day of the week. The schedule is as follows: 

Dec. 7: Levi’s® SecondHand Reworked by Makayla Wray 

Launched this past October, Levi’s® SecondHand is a buy-back denim program that allows customers to purchase pre-owned jeans and jackets from, and also swap worn jeans and jackets for a gift card. For “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” we’ve paired Levi’s® SecondHand with Makayla Wray, a New York-based tailor and designer. Wray recently became known for “Pedalmaw,” a coffee cart-turned-mobile sewing station that she set up in Downtown New York this summer where she tailored various pieces for locals. 

The remarkable result from this coupling is an exclusive capsule of upcycled denim goods for ComplexLand handcrafted by Wray using factory scraps and distressed pieces from Levi’s®  SecondHand.

Dec. 8: Yaito

Carlton and Tulie Yaito, the exceedingly talented designers behind the brand Yaito have adjusted extremely well to the new normal of 2020. They originally emerged on the scene as purveyors of custom fashions for stylish celebrities, but it’s their accessories which have really taken off this year—specifically their vibrant knot bags. For “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” Yaito will be upcycling deadstock flannel fabric for a ”very limited” drop of their popular knot bag, a new twist on a highly sought-after favorite.  

Dec. 9: Mentor En Route 

Mentor En Route is an emerging West Coast brand quickly developing a buzz for their cerebral product narratives and intricate upcycled pieces. For “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” designers Carlo Ybanez and Giovanni Farin will be creating upcycled accessories (hat, tote, mask) along with a jacket and jeans using military surplus and vintage denim fabrics. 

Dec. 10: Suicoke x Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ

When it comes to creating durable, long-lasting products, Japanese brands just know how to do it right. For “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” cult footwear brand, Suicoke, will be collaborating with Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ, a clothing label and manufacturer based out of Montreal that specializes in high quality, no-waste production, on a reworked version of its signature MOTO-VEU3 sandal. Definitely a great product for our new cozy, WFH reality. 


The North Face is one of the major international brands that’s already done a lot in the quest for fashion sustainability. For “Complex SHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” we curated various products from The North Face’s Remade and Renewed Programs. Offerings from the Remade line are made from returned, damaged, or defective products that have been repaired with materials from other deconstructed garments. Their Renewed program has similar origins, and consists of cleaned and refurbished apparel that is offered to customers at very accessible prices. 

Be sure to check back here next week for more in-depth stories on each of these brands and what they’re bringing to ComplexLand.