A$AP Twelvyy Talks New EP & Staying Cozy During Quarantine

A$AP Twelvyy Talks New EP & Staying Cozy During Quarantine

A$AP Twelvyy knows a thing or two about staying true to who you are. The Harlem rapper returns with a new, thought-provoking EP titled “Noon Yung,” a follow up to his acclaimed sophomore album released earlier this year, “Before Noon.” Fresh off his latest project, we caught up with the founder of Last Year Being Broke(n), where he filled us in on the makings of his EP, how his creative process changed during quarantine, and how he’s staying fresh during these unprecedented times. Check out the interview below. 

How do you feel about the response from the fans to the Noon Yung album you just dropped? 

I feel phenomenal. I can't believe the reception… Everything is falling into place. The fans have been making their videos, leaving their good comments and shit. I love it. 

This is your 2nd project this year. Has quarantine boosted your creative juices? 

There are no shows, not too many events, so it's like you can't starve the fans, so I've been feeling more creative than ever. I'm just like let me give these people something that they could be inspired by, create to, and be motivated by. It's been a dark year. We've lost a lot of people… rest in peace, King Von… I'm just trying to give people hope. The quarantine has given me time to reflect on my position, like yo I gotta feed the people and create this positive energy. 


We’re loving your collaboration with A$AP Rocky and Conway the Machine on your new project. What are your favorite tracks on the new album, and who produced these cuts?

Some of my favorite tracks on this album, aside from those, are "Mama Love." I had my moms on that record. "95 Madden" "What a Day" both have crazy energy. "Weatherman," the message on that one. I love the whole tape as a whole, but those are some of my favorites. I had the chance to work with producers like Dane Zone, Cream Wallo, DJ Skidrow, Lunchbox, and a few others.

What's your current personal style vibe, and has it changed this new Quarantine/Lockdown reality? 

So my style vibe is cozy, very athleisure, but mafia-style at the same time. I can do foamposites with a pair of Margiela slacks, with a good cardigan and a vintage tee. I stay on some ultra-futuristic shit, you feel me? Quarantine has had me collecting essential pieces. A lot of people are selling their shit... You can get a good deal on vintage pieces nowadays. 

So it sounds like you've been more intentional with the pieces you buy and how you spend your time.

Yup, you can't waste your money or time. You have to know what you want, and you'll attract what you're looking for.  

How important has style and fashion been in building the ASAP 12vyy brand?

It's been crucial because I have my own personal brand, Last Year Being Broke/Live Young Beautiful and Blessed (LYBB). I also have FYBR, First Year Being Rich. My whole squad came upon fashion and building fashion houses for other brands. I've taken my brothers' DNA and made something huge that has enhanced my entire movement because we're already like big names in fashion, so now it's easier for me to sell my fitteds, my style vibe. I got toys coming soon, useful accessories, I know what the people want. I know how people should look, so I just take that all into consideration, and I keep building this prominent brand, like ASAP Twelvyy, ASAP Mob, LYBB, FYBR. I got the blueprint.  

What new projects can we expect from you in the new year? 

I have an LYBB game in the works. The gaming space, the real estate in that is endless. I want to solidify my spot there, and then it'll be easier to push the brand more because of the visibility; it is crazy. I'm working on this shoe with this company out in LA. I want to incorporate the LYBB slides interchangeable strap technology into a sneaker so people can have an extremely comfortable shoe. I'm big on foot health because I had foot surgery six years ago, and I had to learn how to walk again, so the slides helped me during that time. 

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