The Best Hats To Hide Your Overdue Haircut

The Best Hats To Hide Your Overdue Haircut

As the days and weeks pass by in quarantine, I think we all get a little bit closer to doing something drastic to our hair. Whether you’re supporting a severely grown-out fade or a DIY bang trim gone wrong, take comfort in the fact that hats are always a good idea. We’ve rounded up the hottest topper trends of the moment: bucket hats, logo caps, sartorial materials, and the ever-classic beanie. Shop our favorite styles in each category to give your next FaceTime date a fresh look.

Bucket Hats

Oh, the early aughts. Though there are many 2000s trends we’d rather forget (looking at you Britney and Justin in matching denim on denim), 2020 is welcoming the best ones back into the picture. Track suits and tie dye are among our favorites, as well as the recently hot bucket hat. The style was the topper of choice on the streets of fashion week, and now it’s spring’s preferred accessory. Don’t hold back—embrace the early aughts with motifs like smilies and animal print.

Sartorial Materials

While we all love a good canvas baseball cap, switch it up with unexpected materials. This season’s styles are crafted from an array of clothing-inspired textiles like wool, denim, and corduroy. The result is a little more elevated than your average snap-back, perfect for dressing up weekend joggers or tying together slacks and a crisp tee.

Denim and other clothing-inspired materials make fire hats.

Logo Caps

There’s nothing wrong with repping your favorite brand, and a classic cap is one of our favorite ways to do it. We’re not talking all-over branding, just a subtle logo to take a classic baseball hat to the next level. Our picks have artful designs and bright splashes of color to bring the energy.

Artful logos are a fashionable way to rock your favorite brand.

Beanie Babies

Though often thought of as a winter accessory, a fitted beanie is the perfect wardrobe addition all year long. Save your slouchy styles for colder months, and opt for a tighter style that barely covers the ears for any bad hair day. To keep your head from sweating, turn up the bottom and pull back so that the hat sits just above your hairline. Style with joggers for a laid-back weekend look or pair with jeans and a flannel for the lumberjack motif no woman can resist.

Fitted beanies look slick all year long.

While you can find our favorites and features in this collection, you can shop all available hats here.