The Best New Shorts For Summer

The Best New Shorts For Summer

Weather reports are predicting a hotter-than-average summer across North America and beyond. For many, this means that shorts are non-negotiable. Thankfully, streetwear labels have delivered on-trend shorts that are as cool as they are comfortable. From sweatshorts to classic basketball silhouettes, there’s something for everyone this season.

Patterned shorts work on and off the court.


After nearly three months in lockdown, many of us got used to wearing sweatpants all day every day. Did you know that they have an incredibly comfortable yet summer-appropriate counterpart? Get to know the sweatshort.

Making A Statement

Patterned shorts are popular right now, and we aren’t talking about country club plaid. Instead, think tie-dye and graffiti prints that you can pair with solid tees.

Basketball Mesh

Mesh basketball and track shorts will never be off-trend. These pieces transform classic silhouettes with cool graphics and subtle twists.

Rock Inspired

These classic black shorts get a hardcore upgrade with metal keyrings, utilitarian belts, and other tactical features. Complete the look with your favorite black T-shirt and classic Vans.

Well Suited

Problem: You have something nice to attend on the hottest day of the year. Solution: tailored shorts with bespoke elements like pinstripes, wool, and pleats. Wear them with a button-down in order to look put-together but also relaxed.

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