Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Cool Gifts Under $300

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Cool Gifts Under $300

Holiday gift shopping can get complicated. There’s a chance each of your loved ones has different interests from one another, thus prompting you to bounce around from one store to another looking for the perfect gift. Luckily for you, we did the work and rounded up a couple of items to choose from depending on what your loved one is into—whether it’s music, travel, or being a homebody. Check them out below.

Rep Your Brand

Nothing says streetwear like a good logo. This selection of hoodies and t-shirts caters to those who aren’t afraid of wearing a brand loudly and proudly. Rep your brand at the comfort of your own home or on your way to get groceries.

For Sports Fans

Sports definitely changed a lot this year due to the pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing love to your favorite team. For the sports aficionados, we’re loving track pants, classic NBA jerseys, and functional sportswear that will make you stand out on game day, no matter where you’re at.

Music Nostalgia

Are you really a music head if you don’t have a classic music group t-shirt in your arsenal? From The Rolling Stones to Naughty By Nature, this selection of t-shirts makes a statement wherever you go. Pair them with cargo pants or denim jeans with your favorite pair of sneakers and you have yourself a fit.

Future Trips

2020 has been the year that many of us became explorers of our own backyards. Our fits to the grocery store and the nearest hiking trail were taken up a notch. This collection features bags for every adventure. Think canvas shopping bags and polyester backpacks.

Some Bling

An outfit isn’t complete without a statement jewelry piece. Yes, we all tend to focus on the best sneaker or stylish outerwear, but the finishing accessory i just as important. From gold pendant chains to wide silver rings, these pieces are sure to bring some shine to your loved one’s fit.

For the Shelves

We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors this year, forcing us to rethink our home’s aesthetic and vibe. If you’re a streetwear lover, coffee table books and Bearbrick toys for the crib are a must. Fragrance bottles also add a splash of color to the shelves.

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