Early Spring Trends You Need to Know

Early Spring Trends You Need to Know

January is speeding along, and in no time at all, those first early days of spring are going to be with us. Looking forward to the slightly warmer days ahead, we're sharing some of the major trends and fashion themes you’ll be seeing everywhere. Check them out below: 

Loud Prints: 

Whether in the form of animal motifs, all-over verbiage, or bold and colorful abstract designs, head-turning prints are definitely a thing for spring. Forget about being timid and shy, these pieces are for showing your vibrant and individual character. 

Outdoors Inspired:

Technical outdoors attire has really taken over streetwear. It’s become almost normal to see culture influencers like A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty, and A$AP Nast rocking technical outerwear from brands like Arc’teryx and other brands of this ilk. This trend is only going to get bigger forward, and we suggest you tap in. 

Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets never really went out of style, but for spring, we're seeing designers play with proportions and adding elements of flight jacket detailing. Los Angeles brand, RHUDE, helmed by the ever-improving Rhuigi is definitely ahead of the pack in this new wave of bombers. Pay attention.

Hiking Boots: 

The Hiking Boot trend for early spring goes right in hand with the interest in all things outdoors-related. And come to think of it, hitting the trails and exploring the great outdoors is one of the best things to do in our new socially-distanced reality. Check out some of our favorite options. 

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