ERL & AFFIX: Two of Our Favorite New Brands

ERL & AFFIX: Two of Our Favorite New Brands

These days, it feels like there’s a new streetwear brand sprouting up almost every week. On one hand, it’s quite amazing to see so much independent creativity on display, but it can also make the space feel extremely cluttered. However in the midst of this newness, there are always a handful of brands that stand tall above the rest. In this Buyer’s Guide, we’re shining the spotlight on two of our favorite brands at the moment - ERL and Affix.


ERL is the West Coast brand hailing from Venice Beach, CA making massive waves at the moment. The founder behind the label, Eli Russell Linnetz is somewhat of a creative polymath. At the young age of 26, his credits already include creating graphics from Comme des Garcons, pulling off a dope collab with NIKE, shooting album covers and directing videos for Kanye West, and even writing songs for Teyana Taylor. With ERL’s designs, there is really no ambiguity or bashfulness—what you’ll see are bold & colorful sun-drenched prints & patterns and unmistakable silhouettes. The vibe conveyed is “sexy, youthful, and free,” and the fashion world certainly needs lots of that right now. Check out ERL pieces from the SHOP below:


Some of the best streetwear brands are born from movements originating outside of fashion. London-based brand AFFIX is a prime example of that. The brand first started as a radio show on Know Wave’s station, and it naturally morphed into a clothing label. It’s worth mentioning that the tetra-headed creative team behind this brand includes heavy-hitters like Stephen Mann, Kiko Kostadinov, Taro Ray and Micheal Kopelman. The aforementioned partners have worked on exceptional projects for Asics, Camper, Stussy, and more. The ethos of Affix is refreshingly straightforward—clean and well-constructed pieces with an emphasis on function and contemporary utility. You’ll come across logos aplenty, but they are always neatly placed and perfectly proportioned. Needless to say, we’re expecting a lot from this brand.

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