Add a Little Edge to Your Look With These Designer’s Grunge Staples

Add a Little Edge to Your Look With These Designer’s Grunge Staples

If Run D.M.C. and Aerosmith taught us anything, it’s that hip hop mixes well with a little bit of rock and roll. That’s exactly the vibe at Feuille, a luxury streetwear boutique in downtown Vancouver, BC. At Feuille, street style gets a moody spin from designers like Chrome Hearts, Kenzo, Palm Angels, Off-White, and Heron Preston.

Want to give your wardrobe an alternative edge? Enter Feuille at Complex Shop, where you can find these top grunge trends to add into your rotation, stat.

Accessory After the Fact

Nothing gives a plain black hoodie or tee a hardcore aesthetic quite like some heavy metal. We love a Chrome Hearts medallion that feels straight out of the Middle Ages. Not into necklaces? Replace your diamond stud with a sterling silver cross, add an industrial belt, or throw on a black leather hip bag.

Silver Angel Medallion Charm from Chrome Hearts in Sterling Silver

Gothic Revival

Is there anyone more underground than Jesse James? Take a page out of the West Coast Choppers playbook with white graphic lettering on a black background. Our favorite styles play with gothic fonts, graffiti-inspired text, and tattoo-inspired artwork. Think hoodies, sweats, and T-shirts that you can wear while working on your motorcycle...or sitting on your couch.

Palm Angels Gothic Hoodie

Graphic Content

We will never cease to love a perfectly slouchy graphic tee. Feuille’s selection will make you do a double-take with Renaissance motifs from Off-White, a burning skeleton from Palm Angels, and Kenzo’s ever-relevant tiger.

Off-White Caravaggio T-Shirt

Iconic Black Jacket

Putting it out there—nothing is more iconic bad boy than a black jacket. (Back me up James Dean, Marlon Brando, 50 Cent…) Our favorites of the moment have a contemporary twist in structured denim or unexpected velour.

Heron Preston Black Dots Denim Zip Shirt

No one gives street a grunge flavor quite like Feuille. To add some of that edge to your look, all you need are black and white basics with hits of metal and graphic accents. Shop our favorites from Heron Preson, Off-White, Palm Angels, and Kenzo.

For more designer grunge staples, check out the full Feuille Shop collection here.