Gia Seo Selects 5 Must-Have Socks In The SHOP

Gia Seo Selects 5 Must-Have Socks In The SHOP

Gia Seo never intended to be known as a “sockfluencer.” In fact, she never wanted to be an influencer at all. Her Instagram following inadvertently grew after working on impressive campaigns for numerous brands. Before that, Seo cut her teeth as an intern with a “get in before your boss and leave after your boss” mentality. It was after college that she got her foot in the door of the fashion industry, as a model, and started to learn how things work behind the scenes.

“Sockfluencer” and creative Gia Seo.

From there, she got an opportunity to work on the floor at Opening Ceremony, and later, she learned the business side of things as a buyer for The Webster. Finally, four years ago, Seo made the leap to start her own creative business.

Meanwhile, she always loved socks and collected them on her travels from a young age. “One day, I decided to change my bio and my name to sockfluencer,” she remembers. “The amount of people who hit me up to talk about my sock business, including the New York Times, was crazy.”

Seo prefers to style her looks with primary colors.

Even now, Seo doesn’t consider herself an influencer. “At the end of the day, I’m purely a creative,” she says, adding that she uses paid sponsorships to support her passion projects and highlight brands that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford advertisements.

When it comes to wearing socks, Seo focuses on timeless textures and proportions. “I’m a stickler for balance,” she notes. “If you wear a low-top sneaker with a low-rise sock and shorts, I’m not into that vibe, unless you’re going for a run.” For pants with a longer hem, she prefers shorter socks. From there, she selects socks according to color theory. “It’s like the color wheel you use in art class,” she notes. “I stick to that, and it works really well for me.”

Below, Seo selects her top five favorite socks available in the SHOP.

Stance Socks Mr. Cartoon Web Socks

Seo is a fan of Stance Socks, a brand she works with frequently. Their lightweight construction and extra cushion is comfortable for all-day wear, especially in the summer. She digs these Mr. Cartoon socks for both the subject matter and aesthetic and is inspired by Cartoon’s work with young creatives (captured in a new Netflix documentary). On days when she wants to tone down her shoe/sock combination, she goes for a monochrome pair.

Jordan Brand Retro Socks

With their sneaker-like print, Seo admires the structure of these Air Jordan socks and would style them with sandals or hidden under sneakers. “Sometimes I like to wear socks just for me,” she says. “I like to know I’m wearing something cute and funny; it’s like an inside joke with myself.”

Socks Assembly New York Tie Dye Socks

Seo appreciates the art of tie dying but admits that she hasn’t delved into the process like other brands have. “I love these green tie-dye socks, and I like to support local brands,” she says.

Socks Basquiat Cassius Socks

21Seo is a big fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat and his art. She says that she was drawn to his work before she knew that she wanted to be a creative herself. “I saw a piece of his work in the Louvre with my mom, and it definitely influenced my interest in the arts,” she adds.

Socks Vintage Goofy Socks

Seo hails from a small town in Alaska, so Disney was one way of connecting with people from all over the world when she moved to New York. She loves these vintage Goofy socks as a reminder of those enduring memories.

Stance Socks Classic Stripe Socks

“I love to look down at taupe, khaki, beige, or white crew socks,” says Seo. “It makes me feel like Princess Diana.” Seo has always admired Diana’s classic sportswear style, often paired with nude socks and sneakers. “This Stance sock has that vision,” she adds.

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