Spice Up Your Life With “Hot Ones” Truth Or Dab The Game

Spice Up Your Life With “Hot Ones” Truth Or Dab The Game

Hot Ones” is spicing up our time at home with a great new game, Truth Or Dab. If you’ve never watched the series on Youtube, it’s “the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” 

Host, Sean Evans, grills Hollywood A-listers and hip-hop luminaries alike (everyone from Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Sean to Will Farrell and Kevin Hart have appeared) while challenging them to scarf down progressively hotter wings.

Now, you can get in the hot seat yourself with Truth Or Dab. The game features 250 cards that pit players against each other, and burns bridges, with BFF trivia and embarrassing questions. The choice is yours, answer a cringe-worthy inquiry or take a hit of the Last Dab (the show’s infamous scorcher, with a Scoville rating over 2 million).

Apparel And Merch

There’s also merch and apparel you can cop. (What else would you wear to your Last Dab game night?) Tried and survived the Death By Dab? There’s a tee for that. You also can’t go wrong with the signature “Spice Lords” T-shirt adorned with the show’s flaming rooster logo. Thankfully, it comes in a bright white so you can bleach out any hot sauce stains.

Hot Ones Sauces

Want to prepare some wings to taste while you grill your friends? The Hot Ones Challenge Pack comes straight from the Pepperdome. Start off with the Brain Burner, with a mix of scotch bonnet, carolina reaper, lime, and salt. It pairs well with a (strong) margarita.

From there, progress to the Eye of the Scorpion, a potent mix of stinging peppers and powerful scorpion pepper powder. If you’re still alive, finish off with The Constrictor, which is made with a proprietary Carolina Reaper distillate, aptly named “Reaper Blood.”

Of course, there are also options that won’t burn your face off, like the garlicky Classic Hot Sauce and multifaceted Dos Los XXX Trio. The grouping brings together three fan favorites from the “Hot Ones” run of show.

But if you really want to eat like a competitor, The Last Dab is a must buy. Challenge your friends to try it—one small drop at a time.


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