Meet Know Wave—Clothing Brand/Radio Station/Art Gallery

Meet Know Wave—Clothing Brand/Radio Station/Art Gallery

It’s difficult to describe the concept of Know Wave because there’s nothing else quite like it. Those who are familiar with the brand (and radio station and parent art gallery) just get it.

It all began in 2008 with contemporary art gallery Morán Morán (formerly OHWOW and later, Moran Bondaroff). The Los Angeles–based gallery started as an alliance of artists and curators who presented various exhibitions, happenings, and publications.

But the confines of LA proved to be too small for these creatives’ big ideas. In 2012, Know Wave was launched as an initiative to provide a global forum for artistic expression. The online radio station—operating from New York, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, and Tokyo—offers a unique platform for expression through interviews, music, and events.

Garnering A Cult Following

Know Wave quickly grew a cult following in its home cities, thanks to its unscripted shows. The station continues to put the spotlight on underground artists, allowing listeners access to otherwise undiscovered talents.

Since its founding, Know Wave has broadcasted from an array of pop-up locations like galleries, retail stores, and vacant buildings (like a 50,000-square-foot church in Detroit). This allows the company’s fashion, art, music, and design creatives to embrace the underground appeal. (And, the transient nature keeps neighbors from complaining about the influx of youth gathering and playing music.)

Know Wave clothing furthers the brand’s creative mission.


Of course, Know Wave’s apparel line of the same name is just as coveted. As an extension of its creative platform, collections further the brand’s mission to promote expression. All of the brand’s apparel is screen printed in the U.S. and features an artistic aesthetic derivative of its parent gallery and community.

For fall, find an array of botanically inspired unisex pieces akin to multimedia artworks. And like any good art gallery, long-sleeve tees and sweatshirts feature neutral backgrounds to offer a blank canvas for their works.

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