Meet The Brand Redefining Korean Cool: We11Done

Meet The Brand Redefining Korean Cool: We11Done

We all remember the "Gangnam Style" dance craze but probably never thought twice about its meaning. As it turns out, the song is an ode to Seoul, South Korea’s incredibly chic and upscale Gangnam District. There, you can find Rare Market, the buzzed-about shop with an eclectic selection of up-and-coming designers and a clientele of K-pop stars and local celebrities.

For Rare Market co-founders Jessica Jung and Dami Kwon, cool is in their DNA. (Kwon’s brother is G-Dragon, famed South Korean rapper and fashion designer known as the “king of K-Pop.”) In 2016, the duo launched their own brand, We11Done.

Well-Made Apparel

We11Done is pronounced “well done,” and stands for the company’s emphasis on well-made designs. The 11 is a reference to Rare Market’s 11 team members.

The label borrows the same ethos Jung and Kwon use to curate their store. Instead of focusing on chasing fads, the pair follows their own tastes with a “what I wore yesterday” mindset. “We don’t follow trends,” Jung said of We11Done collections. “The design is based on our personal experiences and each season’s experiences are different.”

A Textural Fall Collection

For Fall/Winter 2020, the brand delivered a textural collection of nubby boucle knits, wooly blazers, and leather accessories. At the show in Paris, boxy silhouettes and oversized shoulders sported ’90s grunge vibes, with models rocking slicked-back hair and dark, moody ensembles.

To make the look your own, pair a faux-leather bucket hat with your staple jeans-and-tee ’fit, or rock a wooly sweater instead of your track jacket when the temps get cooler.

Shop the full collection here.