Michael Jordan’s ’90s Looks Are Still A Slam Dunk

Michael Jordan’s ’90s Looks Are Still A Slam Dunk

Michael Jordan is known for his swagger and confidence on and off the court. In the past, his bold fashion choices have both earned him acclaim and raised questions about his tailoring choices. Thanks to Netflix and ESPN documentary The Last Dance, it’s easier to have a newfound appreciation for not just MJ’s ’90s looks, but also his charisma and attitude.

Jordan playing golf in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Spain.

MJ is probably best known for his Bulls jerseys, muscle tanks, flight suits, berets, wide-legged suits, and of course—Air Jordans. The Last Dance proved that his style has aged well. Here are some pieces to help you get Like Mike.

Jordan-Inspired Accessories

Like an OG tastemaker, Jordan knows how to accessorize. In his heyday, the star was seen wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, a beret or bucket hat, and a single hoop earring (which he still rocks to this day).

Michael Jordan in The Last Dance. Photo: ESPN Films/Netflix/Mandalay Sports Media/NBA Entertainment

A Sleeveless Tank

If you’ve been working out on the court, or just want to tan your arms, try a Jordan-inspired, sleeveless tank.

Track Jackets

Classic tracksuits and ’90s windbreakers were key for Jordan’s off-court style. Channel the dream team’s Olympic swagger for a trip to the gym or the grocery.

Basketball Shorts

MJ’s penchant for loose-fitting silhouettes transformed what we now consider the basketball short. Unlike the snug short shorts of the 1970s, these longer styles are still the standard on and off the court.

Michael Jordan influenced contemporary long basketball shorts. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler, ESPN Films/Netflix/Mandalay Sports Media/NBA Entertainment

Wide-Legged Pants

It wouldn’t be an MJ tribute without some wider pants. It’s no coincidence that these boot-leg cuts tend to go well with Jordans.

Wide-legged suits are MJ’s calling card.

Jordan Sneakers

Almost any ’fit can be considered MJ-inspired with Js on your feet. Wear some retro lows with basketball shorts or classic highs with wide-legged trousers.

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