Socks & Underwear To Celebrate National Underwear Day

Socks & Underwear To Celebrate National Underwear Day

We’ll be brief: National Underwear Day is August 5. Today and every day, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to new boxers and fresh socks. Say goodbye to the pairs you’ve been hanging onto and upgrade to some luxe briefs from brands like Off-White and Mastermind World, along with pairs from our favorite sock trends


Tom Cruise wearing classic Hanes in the film, Risky Business


All Black Everything

If you prefer to wear your undergarments in black, go for any of these boxers and socks. When you put on an all-black outfit on top, you can truly claim to be wearing “all black everything.”

Crisp White

White boxers and briefs readily pair with classic white crew socks, but these aren’t your average Gold Toes. In classic sport silhouettes, designer styles from Off-White, Givenchy, and Valentino have a little something extra.

Gray With A Pop Of Color

Basic, gray boxers pair with practically anything. Try matching with socks from your favorite team, or embrace brighter hues with trendy tie-dye. Both looks are perfect for wearing with shorts or around the house.

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