@NikeStories Shares 3 Must-Have Nikes And Jordans

@NikeStories Shares 3 Must-Have Nikes And Jordans

Like many who are focusing on purchases that will forever “spark joy,” sneaker writer and historian Drew Hammell (of @nikestories) is cleaning out his closet, including his sneaker collection. “Every day, my wife asks, ‘What are you gonna do with all these shoes?’” Hammell explains.

With limited square footage, Hammell had previously been focused on keeping his collection at 100 pairs. These days, he’s been challenging himself to edit down to a top 50. “I just don’t have the space in my home to store more than that,” Hammell admits. “And I don’t plan on spending extra money for a storage unit.”

Sneaker historian Drew Hammell challenged himself to narrow his collection to 50 pairs.

To keep himself accountable, Hammell has documented the process on the @NikeStories Instagram. “So far, it's been really fun to hear what others think—what they regret not picking up or are still on the hunt for,” he says. While it can be difficult to part with pairs, Hammell is using the Marie Kondo method of keeping the sneakers that bring him the most joy, along with some strict criteria. According to him, the final 50 shoes must be a grail, a rare limited-edition, a gift with personal meaning, or something he wears on a regular basis. “If they meet at least one of these criteria, I’m keeping them,” he says. “If not, then it’s time to say goodbye.” Here, Hammell talks about three of his favorite, must-have pairs, all available on the Complex Shop in various colorways.

Nike Air Max 95

“I remember being blown away that Nike had figured out how to fit that much air into a sneaker,” Hammell says of the Air Max 95 and its visible air. “The design of the OG was so different from any other sneaker I'd seen before, and the AM95 has become a timeless silhouette for sneakerheads.” Drew kept the OG “Neon” colorway in his collection. ”

Air Jordan XI Retro

With its black upper, white midsole, and red outsole, the Bred XI is considered one of the greatest sneakers ever. “It’s a top five sneaker of all time, you could even argue it’s No. 1,” Hammell says. “I kept a retro that dropped last Holiday, and it’s great in every way.”

Nike Air Max 97

On the heels of the 95, Nike once again delivered with the 97 and its full-length, visible AIR sole unit. “When the Air Max 97 dropped, it was completely radical and revolutionary,” he remembers. “Imagine walking on AIR—we'd never experienced that before. Just like the 95, the Air Max 97 has become a classic runner that I never get tired of wearing.” Drew kept the OG QS “Metallic Gold” pair in his collection.

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