Soulful Samples & Staycation Style with NYC Beatmaker, Wavy Da Ghawd

Soulful Samples & Staycation Style with NYC Beatmaker, Wavy Da Ghawd

Don’t look now, but it’s definitely feeling like the Golden Era of NYC rap is making a roaring comeback. This is the city that bred razor-sharp lyricists like Nas and Rakim, and amazing producers like DJ Premier, Buckwild, and Just Blaze. Brooklyn producer Wavy Da Ghawd comes from this same school of pure NYC Hip-Hop, and his prolific work in the past few years for talented spitters like Rome Streetz, Planet Asia, Tek (Smif N Wesson) has real rap heads paying attention. His most recent collab project with Bedstuy rapper Eddie Kaine, Twelve 24, is a must-listen for lovers of the culture, chock-full of addictive loops and murky sonic textures. We caught up with Wavy to discuss his musical influences, production rituals, and versatile fashion style. 

Photo Credit: Dirty Deeds

Where are you originally from and what’s the science behind your name?  

I was born in Brooklyn, but lived my whole life in Hollywood, Florida. Now I reside in Brooklyn. My name? Well “Wavy,” because I’m a Biggavelli fan and was told I was a wavy-ass individual several times. “G.H.A.W.D.” stands for “Good Humans Always Win Daily.” I believe in karma, we gotta move right, ya dig.  

Who are some of the rappers, producers, and classic rap albums that influenced you the most? 

Rae, Ghostface Killah, Nas, Sean Price, Boot Camp Clik, Gangstarr, Premo, Madlib, J Dilla, Rza. I would say Wu-Tang’s The Purple Tape was really the one that got me involved.

How would you describe your sound—do you do a lot of sampling?

Dusty, soulful, elusive, ambient, nostalgic, bouncy; that’s how I’d describe my sound. I have a keen ear for music and samples. I love the art of the sample. It’s what Hip-Hop started from, with the breaks and loops. The hunt for that special sample not too many know is the game for me.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m like water, I dress how I feel. I never discriminate against any shade on the color palette. My style is a array of relaxed looks with a hint of “loud.” It’s a look I like to call “Staycation.” I always look like I’m on vacation with the ugliest Jazzy Jeff shirt or Hawaiian shirts, along with sweatpants and low-cut sneakers. If it’s fly in my crazy mind, I will rock it. 

What would you say are some of your favorite streetwear and sneaker brands? 

I love to dress down in some wild colors that pop, Ralph Lauren provides that for me. I also like vintage gear from the mid 90’s up to 2000. Supreme is a dope brand I fucks with too. I keep an open mind to other brands and designer joints too. I’m also a Jordan 1 and Adidas Stan Smith kinda guy.

Photo Credit: Dirty Deeds

Wavy Da Ghawd SHOP Picks: 

“This speaks volumes for me. I’m from Florida, and it’s a “wavy” Hawaiian joint—definitely my speed, cool staycation vibes. 

“This is a relaxed modern look I’d go for. I’m a big fan of patchwork and kimono-type robes. Grungy feudal Japan vibes here.”


“This is relaxed vibes here, subtle yet loud, humble yet rich.” 

“This right here is automatic in my household. I would have all types of kicks but always wore my New Balance's more often than the rest. This is a fly colorway too, real calm.”