The Best Bandana Paisley Pieces Available Now

The Best Bandana Paisley Pieces Available Now

The Spring/Summer 2020 runways signaled the return of paisley, a trend that’s been present in streetwear throughout the years. Brands like Amiri and Rhude have stepped up to create new spins on the pattern, updating it for today’s style. Paisley fits right in with the growing hippie aesthetic in men’s fashion, seen in pieces by designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Versace.

The Evolution Of Paisley

Paisley wasn’t always seen as an opulent print, though it originated in 18th-century Persia and was said to represent elite social status. It moved on to textile-rich Scotland in the 19th century before being adopted by Americans who rocked staple paisley bandanas in the late 1700s. Apparently even George Washington wore them. Paisley fell out of favor for more than a century, before The Beatles helped revive it with a new hippie association. Other rock stars like Mick Jagger, Bowie, and Prince helped give the pattern a psychedelic edge, too.

Post-’60s, paisley was relegated to ties, socks, and bandanas. The latest paisley revival reflects today’s free-spirited, experimental youth—just as it did 60 years ago. Here are five of our favorite ways to wear the paisley trend.

Take it back to 1984 in Terminator-inspired shield sunglasses.

Flannel Shirt

A loosely structured button-down provides a relaxed fit and vibe. The patchwork print drives home its laid-back feel, especially when paired with light denim or suede boots.

Bright Wallet

If you’re not ready for the full paisley fit, try a colorful paisley wallet instead. It’s sure to impress if you’re picking up the check or even just paying at the grocery checkout.

Jogger Slacks

If you’re ready to embrace bandana paisley to the max, do so with these comfortable, colorful joggers. Style them with a graphic tee and sneakers for a winning look.

Patchwork Sneakers

Your favorite ’60s style icons would definitely rock these patchwork sneakers today. The rough stitching and worn rubber soles have a vintage basketball aesthetic. Pair these with light denim and a graphic tee for an effortless look.

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