Umi is one of those unique contemporary soul singers with a voice that travels directly to your heart and makes you feel the exact emotions she’s trying to convey. Her new EP release Instrospection Reimagined is inspired by neo-soul icons like D’Angelo & Erykah Badu, and it’s full of jazzy, soulful melodies, impeccable instrumentation, and honest, heartfelt lyrics. Not to mention her stellar vocal performances that seem to only get better with each new song and addictive interlude.

To celebrate this new release, Complex’s music discovery platform, Pigeons & Planes, partnered with Umi to create an exclusive new capsule that’s only available for 72 hours. Complex SHOP was also able to connect with this special talent to ask a few questions about her music and personal style.

What inspired the artwork for the new EP Introspection Reimagined?

The Introspection era of my artistry is about the process of inward reflection. I wanted the artwork to be something that could evoke a similar kind of thought process in the viewer. When comparing this artwork to the last, it almost feels like you've entered into the other side of the mirror. The project also has a timeless, classic feel to it, and I wanted the artwork to feel the same. To remind you of the era of vinyl in the colors and textures of the photo.

How important is it for you to maintain a deep connection with your fans, whether it's through special merch drops, live streams, social content, etc?

It's really important for my fans and I to feel connected to each other because music in itself is such an intimate exchange of energy. When others can feel my spirit, I think it makes the music resonate more deeply.

How would you describe your own personal everyday style?

Organic Astral and unique - whatever I'm feeling that day.

What's the one message you want listeners to come away with from this new EP?

The healing power of music. I hope when people finish listening to this project, they feel lighter. That this EP can bring a light to their day.

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