Complex Shop Presents Reconstruct: Suicoke Joins Forces with Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ

Complex Shop Presents Reconstruct: Suicoke Joins Forces with Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ

 Since 2006, Japan’s Suicoke has made its name in the footwear space as a stylish alternative to sneakers with its popular sandals like the MOTO and KISEE. Known for its collaborations with major brands from Bape to John Elliott, its latest project is taking a bit of a different approach. It isn’t just about cosmetic changes and popular collaborators attaching their logo to one of Suicoke’s products. This time, Suioke is taking its first real stride towards a more sustainable production process. What began with a random run-in with Samir Ayachi in Sicily a year and a half ago will now be represented by a unique take on one of its most well-known styles.

Suicoke is one of the five brands taking part in “ComplexSHOP Presents ‘Reconstruct,’” our curation of upcycled and sustainable products at ComplexLand. Their offering is a reworked version of its signature MOTO-VEU3 sandal crafted in collaboration with Ayachi’s Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ, a clothing label and manufacturer based out of Montreal that specializes in high quality, no-waste production. The project provides a solution for all of the materials sitting in warehouses right now due to the limitations of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

Due to the unique approach to the construction of the sandals, no two pairs will have the exact same appearance, and some will boast details that are often considered defective and don’t make it all the way to retail. Rather than denote these items and toss them in a scrap pile, Ayachi refers to them as “limited edition” pieces, and wants to share that perspective with ComplexLand attendees. 

“One thing you learn by working in factories is to use everything you have before ordering more,” says Ayachi, who also currently acts as a product development specialist and brand manager for Milan’s Slam Jam. “We used all the materials from the sandals and tweaked them. We wanted to highlight the tools by showcasing the elements that you can see in other defects, deadstock samples, and counter samples in the fashion business such as wrong side care labels, codification stickers, and lost pins.”

ComplexLand shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase the Suicoke x Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ MOTO-VEU3 exclusively via the Complex Shop booth. Each pair sports a metallic silver upper, yellow Velcro straps, and a grey Vibram sole split by a singular yellow stripe. To further set the pair apart from the usual MOTO-VEU3 sandal, each pair also dons elements like flipped comfort cushions on the top right strap, exposed care tags hanging from the left foot, removable sewing pins, and a white JUKI sewing machine pin fastened to the straps as a nod to the machine used to produce each by hand. Limited to 50 pairs total, the Suicoke x Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ MOTO-VEU3 will retail at $270.

“There are mistakes and defects in almost all garments. Most of them are minimal, not noticeable by the customer’s eye. The ones the customers consider mistakes are just the obvious ones,” says Ayachi. “When you finish sewing 3,000 hoodies and realize someone printed the logo in the front instead of the back or stitched the pocket on the wrong arm, that 1 to 2 percent of the bulk production is considered defects. But in our eyes, they are unique. That’s the perspective we want to share with the world. Everything is usable and reusable.”

For Suicoke, working with Worldwide Manufactureʷʷ to create an upcycled version of one of its best-selling sandals was a no-brainer. A look through the manufacturer’s Instagram page makes it immediately apparent how committed it is to sustainable practices. Some posts show off puffer vests composed of leftover fabric scraps. Others explain how old denim can be used to insulate homes

This upcycled MOTO-VEU3 launch is just one step in what Suicoke considers to be a continued increase in its sustainable practices moving forward. A brand spokesperson says it continues to research new product development techniques that increase sustainability without sacrificing the quality and longevity that its current products are known for. Its next step is making sure that its staff believes in a sustainable future for Suicoke as well.

“Sustainability can be an extensive keyword. Thus sometimes we may easily lose what is the most important objective. It's important to think how each individual action can be affected. Then you know what to do. It could be small action but could be bigger in the next era,” a Suicoke representative tells Complex. “It's not just about regaining the natural environment. It directly relates to our future business too. Simply, we can't produce products if we can't live here.”

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