SHOP Stylist Selects with Michael Baquerizo

SHOP Stylist Selects with Michael Baquerizo

Michael Baquerizo is a New Yorker to the core, and his unique style definitely mirrors his Gotham roots. He’s a menswear fashion stylist with a distinct point of view, and an uncanny ability to make clothes on a rack transform into pure magic on a model. He actually fell into styling actually by accident, but he seized his opportunity and never looked back. Most recently, he’s applied his tasteful fashion eye for respected brands like Paa, Adsum, Nepenthes, and Eastlogue. We caught up with Michael to chat about his style and career, and he also picked a couple of his favorite pieces from the Complex SHOP.

First off, how did you get into styling and what was your first big break?

I began styling as a necessity for a store I was working for. We were launching ecommerce in-house and of all the responsibilities required to run a web shop, styling was the one that stuck. I don't know if I necessarily had a big break, but after I left the company, a lot of the brands we were selling were interested in me producing something for them. It was fun work and probably my first role as a “creative.” It was a new outlook on what the word “work” meant and what I could do to make a living.


Any styling jobs that stand out to you as your favorite or most memorable?

It's hard to pinpoint any one job as my favorite. In the beginning however, a lot of the clients I had were smaller and as such, they sort of just dropped product off at my apartment at the time and said “ok, go.” It was a fun experience back then because I didn't have a ton to lose, and the trust they had in me was appreciated. Later on you learn that's not exactly how this world functions, but it didn't stop me at the time, and probably informed some of my creative license/drive.

What's the current state of your personal style, and has it changed with our new WFH reality this year?

I grew up, as most Queens kids do, into sneakers and mall gear. It was normal at the time and everything has become a lot more complicated; with luxury brands penetrating the markets, and sneakers becoming harder and harder to get. My personal style for a long time now has revolved around the idea of “building up my basics” wardrobe. I think at a certain point you're supposed to be satisfied with the basics and move on, but I don't think I can count how many grey sweatshirts I own at this point. It's perfect for this covid world because the thought process is minimal, and I can focus on the more important stuff going on day to day.


“There's nothing easier than a pair of fatigues. I know because I have like 5 of them.”

“With winter coming up, I'll take this Arc'teryx pick and run. The Alpha sv is their top of the line offering, stil made in Canada.

“EG retired the tab collar shirt for a while; the ones I have are more than 10-years-old. I was happy to see them back and the only thing hard about wearing a white shirt is keeping it white.”

“The pandemic has given me the time and patience to go back and realize the stuff I really wanted since I was a kid and just never got around to purchasing, or couldn't afford. A Michael Jordan jersey is on the top of that list.”

“If I didn't decide years ago to basically just stick to Engineered Garments, Our Legacy would have been a strong contender. The skull and bones motif brings it back to the RL Rugby days, and it just looks like a great lounge at home kinda sweater.

Nothing I’d ever wear with the Arc'teryx shell I picked above, but once you get past the 'pumpkin spiced latte-ness' of a Denali, you realize it's a solid, well-built jacket and it’s super warm too.

Be sure to keep up with Michael and his styling adventures at: @michaelbaquerizo