SHOP Stylist Selects with Sebastian Jean

SHOP Stylist Selects with Sebastian Jean

For our continuing Stylist Selects series, we scored an interview with Sebastian Jean, a Brooklyn native and talented fashion creative you need to know. He’s the Men’s Fashion Editor for OFFICE MAGAZINE—arguably one of the most progressive and directional style + culture publications operating right now. Check out our interview with him and see his SHOP picks below.

Can you describe your current role at Office Magazine? 

My title as Men’s Fashion Editor at OFFICE MAGAZINE encompasses building & maintaining designer and brand relationships, attending fashion shows, styling shoots, and putting together teams to create content. Overall, as a creative, a stylist and an editor, my day-to-day is centered around creative decision making guided by my personal taste, understanding, and digestion of the information around me. 

How did you establish your career in fashion and what was your first big break that let you know you'd chosen the right path?

I always imagined a career in fashion, I just didn't know how it would manifest. Following years of soaking up stimuli from the world around me, I landed an internship working in the Calvin Klein fashion office during Raf Simons’ stint as creative director. After that year-long internship, I gained a great  amount of insight into the industry and the various players that contributed to it. With that insight and some direction from previous life experiences, I decided to put continued effort into a career in fashion. I ended up linking up with OFFICE MAGAZINE the summer after I graduated from college. There I met my fashion family and was mentored by EIC & stylist, Simon Rasmussen. Still working and learning with the team till this day. 

Any styling jobs that stand out as your favorite or most memorable? 

A cover story that I styled for the F/W20 Issue 13 of OFFICE featuring model Alton Mason, that was just released. I collaborated on that with director/photographer Ibra Ake. We created some great looks and beautiful images. The vibes on set were great and we were an all Black crew. Grateful for collaborations like those. 

What's your current personal style and has it changed with our new WFH reality. Also any new style resolutions for 2021? 

I try to keep things open when it comes to my personal style, my primary consideration is versatility. In any outfit, there’s gotta be elements that are chic, hood, and comfortable. I like to be able to walk into a space and give off six figure - unbothered - don’t fuck with me, energy. With WFH, nothing’s changed that much besides me being more into full sets. Matching sweats or tracksuits have been a great way to keep things equal parts cozy & elevated. 

In the new year, I’d like to get more into proper tailoring. I’m at the age now where friends will start getting married soon, so I plan on securing some go-to suits come 2021. 


“I never played competitive soccer, nor do I really watch it, but I always thought the kits were fly. This Balenciaga track jacket is a no-brainer.” 

“Martine Rose is top five. She’s got a way with elevating and modernizing classic pieces.” 

“Whether you're moving around your own city or catching a flight, a bag like this Porter joint is a great look. Perfect way to keep some extra face masks and hand sanitizer on deck in this covid world.” 

“Thom Browne is one of those great high-end brands with pieces that can contribute well to that versatility I mentioned. A lot of Thom Browne appreciators wear it head-to-toe, but it also works well to pick a piece like this cardigan and work it in with a more nondescript staple like some light wash denim or grey sweatpants.”

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