Shop The Art Trend With Pieces From Etudes, Valentino, And Off-White

Shop The Art Trend With Pieces From Etudes, Valentino, And Off-White

The men’s Spring/Summer 2020 runways sported a refreshingly colorful optimism. MGSM debuted bright graphics, Versace referenced baroque classics, and Valentino showed splashes of watercolor. From graphic prints to abstract paint splatters, we were transported back to sixth-grade art class in the best way possible.

Remember those lessons about shading and composition? If not, get ready for Art 101 in the form of this season’s masterful trends: landscapes, painterly designs, and abstract works. Observe modern masters like Valentino, Versace, Etudes, and Off-White. The Complex Shop has your connect to these coveted works through a partnership with The Webster—no auction necessary.

Luxe Landscapes

These trendy scenic landscapes couldn’t have come at a better time, as we’re all starved for travel. Whichever your preferred medium, styles reflect both realistic photographs and impressionist paintings. And, they’re applied on this season’s most fashionable silhouettes—like the loose button-down or the trendy bucket hat.

Return to nature with a luxe landscape, like Vincent van Goh’s “Wheat Field with Cypresses.”

Painterly Designs

If your best works in paint were crafted in Microsoft Office, leave it to the professionals with a painterly T-shirt. Reference historic works, like ancient decorated urns, or contemporary masters. Etudes, for example, partnered with artist Chloe Wise to print two of her paintings, “Tormentedly Untained, 2019” and “You Definitely Lied To The Right Person” on a loose cotton tee.

From objects to portraits, embrace painterly realism á la “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Abstract Works

If you prefer Picasso to Monet, the abstract art trend is for you. Its applications are endless, from colorful graphic prints that play with scale and saturation to artful takes on tie-dye. Some, like Off-White’s Futura Trench Coat, take more than one pass to uncover all of the hidden images. There’s a multicolored hand-painted work throughout, featuring scientific orbs and alien-like creatures. And of course, it’s signed with the artist’s signature criss-cross arrows on the back.

Respect the abstract, like Pablo Picasso’s “Head (Tête).”

This artsy trend is just getting started, and we’re obsessing over the first renditions by brands like Off-White, Rochambeau, Etudes, and Valentino. And, these styles are totally wearable. Pair a colorful button-down with jeans or slacks, or add a painterly bucket hat to your joggers and tee grocery-run look. Just don’t be surprised if people mistake you for one of those soulful artist types.

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