Technical Tactics: Light & Versatile Apparel for Colder Temps

Technical Tactics: Light & Versatile Apparel for Colder Temps

For social distancing in the COVID age, nothing beats outdoor living. Of course, that’s going to get a bit trickier as colder temps settle in. Thankfully, technical fabrics are trending in streetwear, so you can keep throwing rooftop hangs and backyard bonfires well into winter. These innovative fabrics will keep you warm, dry, and of course, stylish, without adding bulk.


Super Dry Pants

Is there anything worse than arriving at your destination in wet jeans? These high-tech utility pants feature Gore-Tex and other repelling properties to keep you dry. Pair them with boots on a rainy day, or embrace the gorpcore trend by styling with sneakers and a graphic tee.

Warm Windbreakers

Track style is still going strong, but come fall, you need your windbreaker to actually protect you from the elements. These high-tech jackets sport the same lightweight look with extra features. Think extra fine Thinsulate lining, Pertex to stop the wind, and Gore-Tex to keep you dry.

Winter-Ready Boots

Whether you’re planning on climbing Everest or three flights of steps out of the subway, you need protective footwear. For snow, we’re loving oversized, aggressive silhouettes that make a statement and provide a ton of warmth. And in the meantime, climbing boots, gaiters, and waterproof sneakers are ready for whatever the climate throws at you, without the bulk.

All-Climate Accessories

There has never been a better time to be hands free. Forget the hoodie and opt for a waterproof hat, and rock a ready-for-anything watch so you don’t need to check your phone for the time. Finally, stash your extra hand sanitizer in a shoulder or waist bag that’s ready for the elements.

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