The Silver Lining Pack: The Neighbourhood X Pigeons & Planes

The Silver Lining Pack: The Neighbourhood X Pigeons & Planes

Our latest Complex SHOP drop seamlessly connects the worlds of music and style. It’s a collab between Pigeons & Planes, Complex’s multi-genre music discovery platform, and popular Los Angeles band, The Neighbourhood. The 3-piece capsule features a graphic tee along with “chrome” logo-adorned sweatshirt & sweatpants. 

Most music fans likely know The Neighbourhood from their 2013 monster hit “Sweater Weather.” But you might be surprised to discover that this group is also responsible for the first nationwide American tours of stars like Travis Scott, Kevin Abstract, and The 1975. In addition to that, the genre-bending collective has also collaborated with an impressive array of musicians, ranging from YG to Lana Del Rey. 

It’s 2021 now, and The Neighbourhood is coming off their 2020 album, Chip Chrome & The Mono-tones. With this recent release, the group’s 4-album major label deal is complete, and the future is rife with several exciting new prospects. Jesse Rutherford, the band’s prolific frontman plans to continue exploring his alter ego persona, Chip Chrome; a silver-plated, enigmatic and esoteric character loosely inspired by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. Chip Chrome also happens to be the centerpiece of this new quickstrike drop with Pigeons & Planes. 

We connected with Jesse Rutherford about the P&P collab and his band’s overall fashion and style aesthetic. 

Can you tell us a little bit about these merch pieces and how this collab came together?

P&P discovered me off a mixtape I made back in 2010 and have supported every project I’ve been a part of since then. I still feel like P&P are the best at discovering new artists and have proven themselves time after time. When they hit us about doing this collab, it was an automatic yes. I was just stoked to have them approach us and already have great ideas for what the designs would be. I made the CC&TM logo and they covered it in chrome. The photo on the t-shirt was inspired by an old photo of Sid Vicious wearing a Bowie t-shirt.

How does style and fashion influence Jesse and The Neighbourhood’s approach and aesthetic?

Aesthetic has always played a role in my creative process. Sometimes it even comes before the music. It’s almost like having something to create a soundtrack too. I can see an image, or a color scheme or even a typeface & get inspired to make music, and vice-a-versa. The Chip Chrome concept was an idea I had for a couple years before being able to figure out the right score to the visual. Very happy I didn’t rush the process though!

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