TRACK STAR: Time To Get Active

TRACK STAR: Time To Get Active


The beginning of a new year is always a good time to detox, gain clarity, and re-energize for the months ahead. Getting in shape is a great way to set things off in the right direction—whether that’s by exercising at home, safely working out in a gym, or running laps around your local neighborhood. To aid in your new 2021 transformation, we’ve selected an array of tracksuit separates and sporty staples to give you the utmost mobility, function, and comfort during your hi-intensity workouts. 

Track Jackets: 

A casual staple that works both for the streets and the gym, these track jackets offer equal amounts of style and comfort. For some of our best offerings, check out these picks from Casablanca, Vetements, Adidas, and more. 

Track Pants:

With winter temps still regularly dipping below the freezing point, exercising outdoors in gym shorts is probably not the best option at the moment. To remedy that, we’ve curated functional and durable track bottoms that will protect your shins while your body gets a healthy workout. 

Sporty Shorts: 

Since most of us are currently confined to our homes during this ongoing pandemic, working out indoors is probably the best way to get the juices pumping and the sweat flowing. For intense workouts in the “great indoors,” here are a few choice options. 

Running Shoes: 

Rocking moccasins or house slippers while maneuvering through your jumping jacks or burpees probably won’t yield the best results. Thankfully you don’t have to. Check out these fine running shoe selections below for maximum lift, jet propulsion, and yes, style points too. 

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