Travel Essentials For Your Summer Escape

Travel Essentials For Your Summer Escape

While you’re likely not hopping on a plane to a far-flung destination this summer, the open road presents new travel options. Lots of people are considering road trips to explore more of their own countries or regions. If you decide to head off, be sure to stock up on some style necessities. From a day-to-night hoodie to the perfect weekender, here are our must-have picks.

Summer 2020 is one for road trips.

A Versatile Hoodie

Even with scorching days, some parts of the countryside and desert still get chilly at night and in the morning. In warm climates, you can expect frigid A/C at restaurants and markets. A classic, day-to-night hoodie is perfect for an evening by the campfire or an air-conditioned diner breakfast.

The Vacation Shirt

After all, you are on vacation! Pick a loose, colorful ’fit for summer vibes that also breathes in muggy weather. The short-sleeved bowling style has been updated for the season in bright, tropical hues.

A Wear-Everywhere Hat

Whether you splurged on an Airbnb or will be getting ready campside, bad hair days are a reality of life on the road. We love a trendy bucket hat for a little extra sun protection, or a classic baseball cap never goes out of style.

A Sturdy Weekender Bag

You’ll want to leave your roller bag at home for life on the road. A sturdy weekender or backpack is easier to maneuver on uneven terrain and packs smaller to fit in your trunk. Our favorite styles sport a military aesthetic that is as functional as it is fashionable.

Some Classic Shades

With hours driving into the sun, a good pair of glasses is imperative. For a road trip, opt for function over form and go with a classic pair with protection over something too trendy.

Your Trusty Facemask

Different states have varying laws when it comes to wearing a mask in public. That said, it’s better to be a good citizen and pop one on if you need to go indoors. Order one or two to keep in your glove box and your travel bag.

A Bag To Put Everything In

A road trip isn’t complete without various ways to carry your stuff, especially during sub-excursions. Bring one of these waist bags to hold your sanitizers, wipes, and other frequent essentials.



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