Why You Need To Wear A Watch In 2020

Why You Need To Wear A Watch In 2020

We live in a culture where it’s normal to check your phone for the time. That’s why now, more than ever, wearing a watch sends a strong message. More often than not, someone who wears a watch looks like they have their life together and their style figured out. And it doesn’t hurt to spend less time on your phone, too.

Our favorite watches take cues from streetwear aesthetics with bold metals, retro designs, and colorful accents. Here are the top watch trends to buy now.

Heavy Metals

There’s something powerful about a full metal watch. Choose from modern styles with oversized faces and chunky straps or classic looks with slimmer bands and smaller faces.

Return of the ’90s

Many ’90s trends continue to permeate streetwear, from the return of tie-dye and bucket hats to color-blocked sneakers. It’s no surprise that these motifs extend to today’s watches, too. Whether in the form of classic color combinations like pink and turquoise or a throwback Pokémon model, these styles are for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement

Clear Winners

In recent years, the see-through PVC trend dominated runways and street style via bags, shoes, and jewelry. Take it a step further with a clear watch. From the totally translucent to the moderately opaque, these see-through styles have a retro-futuristic appeal.

Sporting Goods

For athletes and fans alike, Casio has collabed with brands like Burton, Everlast, and New Era. These sturdy styles live up to their activity-driven influences and are built to withstand rough conditions. They include features like step counters, digital display timers, and pace monitors.

Tokyo Drift

These Japan-influenced designs take cues from modern Tokyo. Think jet black with neon lights, multiple analog dials, and digital touches.

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