Weekend Roundup: What to Wear With Air Max Sneakers

Weekend Roundup: What to Wear With Air Max Sneakers

Want to hop in a time machine and head back to 1997 right about now? While we don’t have a DeLorean, the Complex Shop is offering the Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 Silver Bullet sneakers for their original retail price. The sneakers remaster the original 97 design with contemporary materials for a light step and a sleek look.

Once you’ve gotten your Bullets (originally inspired by the silver sheen of mountain bikes), here’s how to style these low-cut sneakers. Our picks below have the form and the fashion perfectly complement your Air Maxes. Think ’90s grunge style, tapered silhouettes, and minimal accessories. Read on.

The Original Air Max 97 Silver Bullet

Shirts, Jackets, and Hoodies

Honor the throwback style of the Ultra 97s by wearing them with ’90s-inspired duds. Think distressed tees, oversized flannel, and printed hoodies that reflect the era’s grunge flair. For jackets, pick a functional windbreaker as a nod to the Silver Bullet’s cycling inspiration.

Jeans and Joggers

The key to styling Air Maxes is to go for a tapered ankle, as boot-cut silhouettes will swim over low-cut sneakers. The sneakers are the perfect match for joggers when paired with low-cut or simple athletic socks. Feeling really stylish? Hike them up to show a little extra ankle and lower calf. Fitted or skinny jeans are a great match as well for a dressier mood.

Belts And Other Accessories

When pairing accessories with your Air Maxes, think simple. To avoid looking too busy, opt for pieces that fall in line with the Silver Bullet colorway. We prefer black with just a touch of silver to bring in the metallic motif. Striped athletic socks look great with joggers, a simple cross-body, and your Maxes for a casual grocery run. Need to dress things up a bit? Complement the silver bullets with a silver chain and an industrial-style belt.