John Elliott

American ready-to-wear label John Elliott, founded in 2012 by the designer of the same name, features simple, tailored fits with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Elliott’s passion for reinventing essential items is made clear with all the shrewd details and high quality materials that can be found in each piece. Motivated by the simple idea of creating clothing that people will wear everyday, John Elliott succeeds in putting a unique stamp on basic, functional garments that could easily find a spot in the regular rotation of any closet.
John Elliott Blue The Cast 2 Denim Pants
John Elliott Olive Cargo Pants
John Elliott Black Back Sateen Cargo Pants
John Elliott Grey Seville Shirt
John Elliott Grey Lucky Pocket T-Shirt
John Elliott Blue Anti-Expo T-Shirt
John Elliott Black University T-Shirt
John Elliott Black Rodeo Muscle T-Shirt