Nanamica Inc.

Nanamica is an outdoors-centric casual wear fashion label based in Tokyo, Japan, founded by Eiichiro Homma, in 2003. The brand combines a classic aesthetic with performance-driven construction in a range of outerwear, shirts, bottoms, bags and accessories. Nanamica have been in collaborations with the likes of The North Face, Champion Japan, wings+horns, and Clarks.
Nanamica Inc. Black Soutien Collar Coat
Nanamica Inc. Black Packable Shell Coat
Nanamica Inc. Beige Soutien Collar Coat
Nanamica Inc. Brown Alphadry Easy Pants
Nanamica Inc. Brown Alphadry Cardigan
Nanamica Inc. Blue Half Sleeve T-Shirt
Nanamica Inc. Beige Club Jacket