Stone Island

Stone Island is a premium sportswear label best known for its compass badge positioned on the upper left arm sleeve of its garments, which include outerwear, sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, jeans, polo shirts and fleecewear. Founded by Massimo Osti in Italy in 1982, the brand specializes in the dyeing treatment of fabrics, and under the creative direction of Carlo Rivetti and through his commitment to rigorous research and experimentation, the label is renowned for both its aesthetic and functional qualities. Stone Island is favoured by the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean and Travis Scott, to name a few.
Stone Island Black Logo Patch Sweatshirt
Stone Island Ivory Logo Patch Sweatshirt
Stone Island Black T.CO-Old Overshirt
Stone Island Navy Polo T-Shirt
Stone Island Pink Hooded Sweatshirt
Stone Island Black Fleece Sweatshirt
Stone Island Black Fleece Shorts
Stone Island Blue Knitted Sweatshirt
Stone Island Navy Fleece Shorts
Stone Island Black Double Zip Up Hoodie
Stone Island Black Two Toned Sweater
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Stone Island Black Soft Shell R Gloves
Stone Island Black Nylon Metal Gloves
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Stone Island Blue Bermuda Shorts
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