Tokyo-based designer Hiroki Nakamura founded visvim, a portmanteau of two Latin words connoting strength and speed, in 2002. With the goal of creating authentic, timeless designs manufactured according to the highest standards, the label blends workwear and Americana inspirations with high-tech design elements. Premium materials including cordovan, denim, and chambray figure prominently in visvim's reworked heritage designs and cult footwear.
visvim Green Lhamo Shirt
visvim Green Lhamo Shirt
visvim Blue Lhamo Shirt
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visvim Brown Ute Moc Hi Folk Sneakers
visvim Blue Social Sculpture Denim Jacket
visvim Navy Six-Five Fishtail Parka
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visvim Grey Jumbo Eiger Sanction Pants
visvim Green or Grey Knit Beanie Hat
visvim Black FBT Lhamo-Folk Shoes
visvim White Sublig Jumbo T-shirt
visvim Beige FBT Lhamo-Folk Shoes
visvim Black or Grey Lhamo Shirt
visvim Black Cordura Backpack
visvim White Jumbo T-Shirt
visvim Beige Cordura Backpack